QuickTime TimeCode track

tom witte tmw at his.com
Tue Aug 13 09:00:04 EDT 2002

I am before new to Revolution. 

While I have bought the program (under HC crossover offer last Fall) and 
documentation It is only now that I am trying to get into it and my first 
need seem not to be covered by Rev.

I need in part to control and manipulate QT movies.
I need to make and display timecode tracks.

I need to be able to go to specific timecodes timecode tracks in QT 
movies. In movies that are > 2 gig. 

I can make TC track with and apple's "QTTimeCode" tool.

The tool:
and do manipulation and playing Hypercard and Applescript. 

With this tool, HC and AppleScript I can do every thing I want to do, but 
since we started using > 2 gig files the timecode track is incomplete and 
I suspect problem is  "QTTimeCode" tool but I have not full researched. 

I am wishing that there would be a rich set of tools in Rev for QT that 
would include TC tracks. 

Yet I don't see QT mentioned in any of the documentation. 
The section on Video seems light. 

Can (I hope) Rev make timecode tracks in a QT movie?

Am I missing something?
Anyone have some suggestions?
(I have posted request for help to Apple's QT list). 

 Tom Witte

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