QuickTime Player in Windows

Mathewson richmond at mail.maclaunch.com
Tue Aug 13 03:27:01 EDT 2002

So there I am; all swelling with pride, having developed a
full-blown CD ROM encyclopedia - pride comes before the
QuickTime Player!

The CD ROM I have developed features about 150 music samples
demonstrating everything from 'col legno' to
'boogie-woogie': jolly nice too.

HOWEVER, when I spun off the Windows version and tried it
out on a PC under Win98 there was a big problem:

I have made buttons that look exactly like the first frame
of the .mov files I use to deliver the music (some of these
tunes have still-frame video tracks of the musical score):
when the buttons are clicked on they start the movie file
playing over the button so to all intents and purposes it
looks as though the button and the movie file are the same
thing.  This works well on both Win and Mac PPC (have not
bothered to do a Mac OS X version as the educational market
share in the UK using X is probably miniscule to the point
of non-existence) - but the play button on the movie player
does not work: when a movie is playing clicking on it pauses
the movie (normal), but (Windows only) it cannot then be
clicked on to continue playing (or replay after clicking on
the 'rewind' button).  This is a BIG BUGGER and I have to
sort it out rapidly: would be extremely grateful for help,
input, suggestions and gift-wrapped smoked fish.

Richmond Mathewson
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