Revolution to author and present multimedia content?

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> I am trying to use Revolution to author and present multimedia
> content (as a more powerful alternative to PowerPoint). Where can I
> find some examples of stacks and/or code to get me on the right track?

I m very interested in cooperations, especially educational 
institutions or universities wich are prepared to give feedback 
or describe their expirience with my trainingsmaps© hopefully 
running anytime without crashing. The feedback I got in my 
trainings with people of all ages was astonishingly positiv. I m 
working with Mindmaps since about 15 years, hence the 
participants of my trainings liked my (personal) maps a lot, 
even on overhaed projectors). So i had the idea to transform 
them to a learning tool and developed this new brainfriendly 
learning GUI - called trainingsmaps©. Its an UI wich can be 
adapted for any theme. It´s a further development of Tony Buzans 
paper notation method Mindmaps to an multimedia self learning 

The idea is: Learn in about half of time with both parts of your 
brain and fun instead of struggling with common left brain-only 
documentations. You must only know how to click for all 
functions, so handicaped, older and persons with less technical 
education can work with it easyly. And all that for a very low 
price. The first theme is Internet for beginners. Yes I know 
that sems not very exciting here, but there are about 6 Billion 
people out there wich have no idea about the net. But a lot of 
them have to learn it in the future. Later on there will be a 
developer-net to have rapidly a wider range of themes as 

status: test version is ready
problem 1: see thread about Profil Manger/textimporting (thats 
not a problem for a test version) its more a problem of 
development - except for the font height on windows)
problem 2: crashing the complete system in OS9 on quit.
problem 3: all description and instructions - its very important 
to understand how it works - are ready but german only. 
Portuges? no te puedo decir quando: primero ingles, despues 

I can send you a test version, if you can wait a bit I´ll post 
an Url here. Bit later on non profit organisation can get a up 
to 100 gratis licences of "Internet for beginners", if they are 
prepared to send reports about their expiriences with the 

Finally, yes you can do multimedia authoring. But if you are not 
a "hardcore coder" a hard future is waiting for you!

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

Learn easy with trainingsmaps©

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