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> In case some other script has changed the default folder, or the 
> application has been closed & opened, I would store the path to your 
> audio files folder in a custom property and not rely on the default 
> folder.
> To modify Kurt's scripts slightly:
> on mouseup
>    answer folder "Please select a folder containing audio clips."
>    set the cAudioFolderPath of this stack to it
>    set the defaultfolder to it
>    put the files into fld "playList"
> end mouseup
> on mouseup
>    put the cAudioFolderPath of this stack into folderPath
>    put the selectedText of me into audioToPlay
>    set the currentTime of player "audioPlayer" to 0
>    set the filename of player "audioPlayer" to folderPath & "/" & 
> audioToPlay
>    start player "audioPlayer"
> end mouseup
> This way you give the complete file path to your player every time, 
> regardless of the default folder setting.
> Sarah

Many thanks to you and Kurt! My cpu thanks you as well as it has lost 70 
headaches in the form of individual players. One could build a sandwich while 
waiting for the invisible objects to show up.I was confused as to player 
filenames and player names. I had thought them to be one and the same. I'm 
sorry to inject beginner questions into this forum but.........such am I.
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