Override QUIT

Klaus Major k_major at os.surf2000.de
Sun Aug 11 06:54:01 EDT 2002

Hi Roger,

> Hi,
> I did a dumb thing. I put "Quit" as the last line of my openStack 
> script. I
> cannot type Applekey-period fast enough to stop Revolution from exiting 
> so
> I can edit my script. Is there a msgBox command to override the Quit
> command?
> Thanks.
> ~Roger
>> In the message box, type "edit the script of stack <full pathname of 
>> the
>> stack>"
>> This will let you edit the script without running it first!
>> Regards,
>> Howard Bornstein

Howards idea is a good one :-)

You can also try this:

Type this into the messagebox:

lock messages;toplevel "name of your stack here"

this will prevent the scripts from being executed and will also open 
that stack.

Hope this helps...


Klaus Major
k_major at os.surf2000.de

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