Two basic questions...

Terry Vogelaar terry at
Sun Aug 11 01:56:01 EDT 2002

> Hi. My project is coming along nicely. I have done the whole design in
> Photoshop 7 - each card, or object is a separate PS layer.
> 1) My first question is: Is there a special tool, or utility to help import
> the Photoshop layers into Revolution? In general, where can I learn more
> about integrating Photoshop and Revolution?

The best way to export from PhotoShop is to save the documents as PNG files.
That way you can preserve transparency and all colors without quality loss.

Too bad you worked with layers instead of separate files. Maybe you can use
the scripting features of PS7 to save each layer to a separate PNG file.
Using AppleScript/Visual Basic/JavaScript you probably can write such a
script. Support for those languages is distributed with PS7, although it is
not installed with the normal installation. How exactly to do that. I don't


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