Looping through sets in order

Kristy Kugler brennalarpista at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 9 23:04:01 EDT 2002

"If you can set a "flag" variable such as "SFQuiz1Passed", can't you also 
set additional flags afterwards, such as "SFQuiz2Passed"", etc., or even 
"SFQuiz1.1Passed" if you need the user to advance to multiple question sets 
on each "level"?"

Right now, it writes "SFQuizXPassed" if it completes the quiz, no matter 
which question set it's on.  SFQuiz 2 is a completely different quiz.  There 
are four quizzes in each section (for example: SF) and a possibility of up 
to 4 question sets within each quiz.  Also, you can take the quizzes 
themselves in any order.  I just want the question sets to go in order.  How 
do I make it look for the next one without having to have a huge script 
spelling out what to do in every single case (which is the same, except that 
I want it to be the next in the set)

If I put something like:
"If SavedUserData contains "SFQUiz1.1Passed" then do whatever" than it works 
for that, but won't continue onward, because it does contain that.  Right 
now, I append the information of which quiz (or in this case, question set) 
to the file, so that other information doesn't accidentally get erased.

Thanks for the help,

Kristy Kugler

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