Problems with the DO command

Ian McKnight ianmck at
Wed Aug 7 04:42:00 EDT 2002

Hi Dar

Thanks for your input

My stack consists of a single card containing a button, with the following
script, and a field called mydisplay
on mouseup
processmytable "put empty into mytable[tx,ty]"
processmytable "put tx*ty&comma into mytable[tx,ty]"
processmytable "put mytable[tx,ty] into fld "mydisplay""
end mouseup

on processMyTable tcommand
global mytable
  repeat with ty = 1 to 10
    repeat with tx = 1 to 10
      do tcommand
    end repeat
  end repeat
end processMyTable

The first and second calls to processmytable work correctly, the last call
does not. Revolution believes the statement ends at the 2nd quote mark.

Changing the statement to

processmytable "put mytable[tx,ty] into fld quote& mydisplay &quote"

doesn't work either -- an error message concerning the &

It seems that you can't have a reference to an actual field in a statement
given to a do command :(

Thanks again

Ian McKnight

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