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You're definitely going in the right direction. In Revolution, each "scene"
is a card, and the "section" is a stack. If you create some objects that are
to act as a background across multiple cards, group them and make sure its
"Background Behavior" checkbox is turned on (properties palette, 'group'
tab), everything in that group will be shared across all the cards it is
placed on. If you created your background group before you start adding
cards, it will automatically be placed on any new cards you add. If you have
created your cards *before* you created the background group, you will need
to "place" the background on each card you want it to apply to (Object ->
Place Group).

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> Hi.
> I'm pretty new to Revolution, & my previous authoring experience is mainly
> with mTropolis (R.I.P) and Authorware.
> What I want to do is make the equivalent of a mTropolis 'section', with a
> 'shared scene' containing elements that are used in the whole section
> (background image, buttons, sounds) and a sequence of scenes that display
> stuff over the background. I've got as far as creating a Mainstack with an
> image object for the background and, er, that's it. Am I going in the
> direction or barking up the wrong tree?
> I'd be grateful for any pointers on how to proceed.
> Thanks
> Nick
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