No picture in Windows build

Eric Buijs ebuijs at
Tue Aug 6 07:15:01 EDT 2002

Hello to you all,

at this moment I'm evalutating Revolution (starters-kit) for some projects
I'm working on. The projects are mainly educational apps for both Mac and
Windows. The development is all done on a Mac (iMac 400DV with OS 9.1). I
run the Windows build under REALPC with Windows98 on it.

My main IDE at this moment is REALbasic, but I'm having serious trouble in
converting my apps to Windows with REALbasic.

First I did some small apps in Rev like an ascii table converter, a small
calculator and some simple benchmarks. With all these apps I had no problem
whatsoever with the Windows build. It was all very straightforward and the
Windows builld looked good.

Then I decided to do something more complex and I made a Presentation with
pictures in it. The app looked good under OS9, however under Windows the
images don't show the jpeg's that I have linked it to. I even made a simple
app without any script and just one image, but unfortunately with the same

I have two questions:
- what is the solution to the problem with the images?
- is Revolution better (no extra debugging) than REALbasic in converting
builds to Windows?

thanks in advance,


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