Printing 1 or more pages from a single field?

Carsten Levin carstenlist at
Tue Aug 6 07:00:00 EDT 2002

Case: Text entered in a field in Revolution. From just a little bit and up
until 4-6 pages.
Problem: We want to print the text. No problem when it all fits on one page.
But what when the text of one field exeeds 1 page ... and needs to be
printed on 2-4 pages ..... ?
Does Revolution have a procedure for this situation?

About the project:
We are in the final process developing a large system for language education
and training.
Revolution running on Mac 9 & X, Windows 98 & 2000 % XP.

The students will go through a large number of tests, and in most cases we
can determine the numbers of pages to print without any problems. But in the
free-text modus where the students can write as much as they want in one
single field we are facing problems. In most cases 1 page is enough ...
printing in 9 pt times, but some students might write more ... 2, 3 or more

Best regards

Carsten Levin
ITinfo A/S

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