Dragging a window

Matt Denton matt.denton at limelight.com.au
Mon Aug 5 09:19:01 EDT 2002


I'm building a small app for Mac and Windows.  I'm trying to get 'set 
the hidePalettes to false' to work in OSX, which I understand does 
not -- all palettes hide when the app is not in front.  Does anyone know 
if this Rev or an OSX Carbon problem, and will it ever work in the 

I'm trying to work around this situation by turning off title 
decorations for a normal window and making my own mini titlebar.  My 
second question is: does anyone know if you can 'drag' a window around 
from an object other than its titlebar? I've tried lots of things and 
got one kludge working -- a repeated location update using a 'send 
updateWindLoc to me in 10 milliseconds' sort of structure. The window 
flashes madly.  Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

Matt Denton

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