modal command - and subsequent dialog placement.

Phil Jimmieson P.Jimmieson at
Mon Aug 5 08:12:01 EDT 2002

Hi folks,
I'm developing a system which needs to pop up the equivalent of a 
modal dialog box that contains a QuickTime movie - in the form of a 
guide who tells you what to do next. Originally I tried a simple 
stack window with minimal ornaments, but  found that users could 
click while the movie was playing and do silly stuff like get the 
movie window to move into the background, or their clicks were 
buffered and passed on later (even though I've used flushevents 
etc.). Using modal seems like the ideal solution, except it puts the 
window in the centre of the screen, when I want it top-left 
(otherwise the guide gets in the way of what she's describing). I can 
move the window myself, but only once it's up, and even setting 
lockscreen to true doesn't stop it appearing in the centre, before it 
repositions itself. Can anyone think of a solution to this? I've got 
a couple more situations where it seems to me modal dialogs are the 
answer, but I don't want them to be centred either. Is there by any 
chance some undocumented parameter to modal that allows you to say 
where the window ought to go? Anyone know where the code to modal is 
stored - maybe I can make my own version of it?

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