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This should definitely be on a page on the MetaCard homepage... couse it 
certainly is one of the most interesting postings on this list, ever :)
On Samstag, August 3, 2002, at 10:54 , Scott Raney wrote:

> On Sat, 3 Aug 2002 Geoff Canyon <gcanyon at> wrote:
>> This exact thing happened to the SuperCard crew several years ago. A
>> licensee produced a competitive product using SuperCard,
>> and...Allegiant, I think -- had to sue to stop them. Eventually a
>> deal was reached.
> Unfortunately that "deal" was completely one-sided because Allegiant
> had them over the proverbial barrel.  And while what I said about them
> going out of business because of this is mostly true, the reality is
> quite a bit more complicated because it involves a failed Java
> project, which as it turns out is one of my favorite topics ;-)
> The company in question was Pierian Spring and the product was Digital
> Chisel.  Partly because of this legal wrangling with Allegiant and
> partially because Allegiant was thrashing in their attempt to port
> SuperCard to Windows, Pierian attempted to rewrite Digital Chisel in
> Java.  They did actually manage to release a Windows version of that
> product, but never could get the Mac version of Java to work well
> enough to release a product on.  Combined with Allegiant's failure to
> come to the rescue with a Windows version of SuperCard (a failure that
> sent *that* company out of business), Pierian quietly went out
> business in 1999.  Too bad, too, because if they'd been able to hold
> out a bit longer the could have switched to MetaCard (which only came
> out for the Mac in late 1998) and been able to release their software
> under *our* licensing terms without paying the kind of royaties (and
> dealing with the hassle) their agreement with Allegiant required.
> We're still looking for someone to take on that K12 market in earnest.
> The implosion of HyperStudio makes this about the perfect time to
> enter that market...
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