Setting Document Associations With OS X (was Re: Help with setRegistry?)

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You're right. The problem you're running into is that the latest release
version of Revolution is 1.1.1 which creates Carbon apps, but they are not
Mach-O compatible, so you don't get any Package Contents. I was working with
a prerelease edition of the next version of Revolution which uses the latest
MetaCard 2.4.3 engine which *is* Mach-O compatible, so I used MC 2.4.3 to
build my standalone (which worked following the instructions I provided).

(Sorry about that.)

I'll see if there's something that can be done in the interim...

(BTW: You don't happen to have access to a release copy of MetaCard, do you?
You might be able to build an executable using the MC engine for right now
until the next version of Rev is released...)

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> On Friday, August 2, 2002, at 11:49  AM, Ken Ray wrote:
> > OK, I'm back. :-)
> >
> > Here's what you need to do in OS X... I'm assuming a creator code of
> > "STS1"
> > and an extension of "sts" - remember the original app was called
> > "TestAE":
> >
> > 1) Create your standalone (in my case it was "").
> > 2) Find your standalone in the Finder, control-click it and choose "Show
> > Package Contents".
> Ken,
> My tests break down at step 2. My machine lists the standalone as a
> "classic application" (obviously I built as an OSX application), and not
> a package - therefore it will not open with "Show Package Contents"
> (that menu item never gets shown).
> ???
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