Developing a multimedia application with Revolution...

Peter Lundh simran at
Fri Aug 2 06:31:00 EDT 2002

I¹m going to make a multimedia application for the Windows and Macintosh
platform. It will contain a presentation, or tutorial part and an exercise
part. The user will be able to freely navigate within the tutorial and in
between the tutorial and the exercise part.

The application will be distributed on a CD-ROM and should be
auto-executable on both platforms.

The content of the application is (1) a short tutorial on a medical disease,
it¹s symptoms and possible ways to treat it followed by (2) three short
exercises where the user can train, or test his skills. Each exercise will
consist of a series images where the viewer will be asked to diagnose each
image. A score will be given after each exercise is completed. The
application will only contain still images and text (and maybe a couple of
sound effects).

I have developed the previous two applications for the client using
Macromedia Director 7, but I would like to try using Revolution this time.

Could anyone please suggest, in very general terms, how I should approach
this project with Revolution. In particular, I'd like to know how to create
the exercise part of it. Are there any tutorials, or exercises describing
similar projects?

Many thanks in advance.

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