Help with setRegistry?

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Fri Aug 2 04:08:00 EDT 2002

On Freitag, August 2, 2002, at 02:06 , Ken Ray wrote:

> Ah... that's the issue. I was testing in OS 9 (9.2 to be exact); I'll 
> see
> what can be done in OS X and get back to you soon (unless someone else
> knows).

I don't know. Sorry. But I had
the Idea if there is no solution (aka no apple event gets passed 
whatever you do) Would it be possible to make a Folder with the ending 
".app", and then put an applescript in it which first starts the stack 
and then passes the file information to the stack (which also would 
resist in the ".app"-folder)
  I always thought that this should be possible to do under Mac OS X, but 
don't now about the lineup for getting it to work properly.
This could also make Applications which write to themselves possible 
(when substacks are saved as files in the ".app"-folder)

Just throwing Ideas

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>> On Thursday, August 1, 2002, at 05:47  PM, Ken Ray wrote:
>>> Can you try something like this and see what you get?
>> Ken,
>> We do appreciate your continued assistance. If I could ask, what Mac OS
>> version are you testing under? So far, we have had no luck in getting
>> applications to open their documents by double-clicking the document in
>> OSX, or by drag and drop operations. We will definitely follow the 
>> steps
>> you have outlined, and let you and the list know the results. Is there
>> any need to edit any of the application's resources outside of setting
>> values in Rev? I have taken a look at using a resource editor to see if
>> anything is amiss, but of course, ResEdit is showing its age (badly),
>> and anything edited there then thinks it is a classic application.
>> This step is literally  the last step in a fairly ambitious project for
>> Eric and I, and I can't believe we have spent about a week trying to 
>> get
>> files to properly open on all platforms. We had thought that was going
>> to be the easy part!!
>> Thanks.
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