Two Quit Menus in OSX

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Thu Aug 1 19:44:01 EDT 2002

The way it is supposed to work is that the last two menu items on the File
menu (a separator and the Quit menu item) are removed under OS X and the
"natural" OS X Application menu displays the "Quit Application" menu item.
The last item of the Help menu (the "About..." menu item) is removed under
OS X and the "natural" OS X "About <application>" menu item takes its place.

What might have happened is that either (a) somehow Rev added two additional
items to the File menu (another separator and another Quit item) and then
removed one set leaving the other, or (b) "forgot" to remove the two menu
item from the File menu and left them. This sounds like a bug to me. BTW:
Testing under MetaCard 2.4.3 and Rev 1.1.1 with a single set of
separator/Quit menu items in the File menu works properly with a sample

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> >I have 5 menus, a help menu, and the About.  The About doesn't work in
> >either.  Everything works fine under Mac OS 9.2.2 and under windows.
> >
> >Any other ideas?
> Sorry Rick,
> I have yet to delve into OSX.  My next step would be trying to trace
> the menuPick with the debugger.
> [Troy:]
> >Not sure what is going on here. We also have 2 quits, but they both
> >work properly. My understanding was that Rev included the second
> >(under the application name menu) to create some consistency with
> >the OSX way of doing things.
> It would be really helpful if the mechanism Revolution uses in build
> Mac menubars were documented somewhere.
> Does Rev put the last item of the last menu in About and duplicate
> the last item of the first menus in Applications?  If that is the
> case, how does one create a menu with Quit only under Applications?
> What menuPick gets sent to what button when Quit is selected from
> Applications?
> I hate working with mechanisms that do "the job" automatically when I
> have no clue as to the algorithm being applied.  When such "automatic
> mechanisms" don't produce the desired/expected result, one is left
> guessing what to tweak and where to tweak it.
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