Revolution Tutorial Does not Work.

Kevin Miller kevin at
Fri Nov 30 10:31:01 EST 2001

On 25/11/01 6:46 pm, Andre Garzia <soapdog at> wrote:

> i am using Revolution 1.1 Starter Kit. I launch the
> tutorial. Create my new mainstack. Access stack
> properties, change name to "Hello World" (without
> the quotes) and them it explodes, it says: "Theres already
> a stack with that name" no matter what name i
> use. Everytime i try to set the name of any stack
> to anything, it display this error and start a
> strange behaviour.
> i use an iBook with MacOS 9.0.4 Can somebody help, i
> am really lost, i try to use revolution and i can't even
> study the tutorial...

There is an issue with this under certain circumstances on certain machines.
We don't know what is causing it yet but it will be fixed in the patch
release which we will start testing soon.  Apologies for any inconvenience.


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