[Use-revolution] Re: Revolution and XML

Ben Rubinstein benr at cogapp.com
Thu Nov 29 08:51:00 EST 2001

on 29/11/01 4:28 AM, Terry Judd at tsj at unimelb.edu.au wrote:
> Fine?? I don't doubt you can do it but I do question whether a generic
> scripted solution is workable. Some Director dude that is more experienced
> than I (and I'm no neophyte) has written a fairly robust xml parser in lingo
> but give it a file with a large number of tags that is more that a few K in
> size to chew on and it really chugs.

on 29/11/01 6:43 AM, Chipp Walters at chipp at chipp.com wrote:
> It would seem with regular expressions and compiled scripts it could be
> significantly faster than Director. I don't think director is a very good
> string manimulator in general. At least the last time I looked, it was
> pretty laborious, more so than HyperCard, SuperCard. Just my two cents.

The one I've written (very crude at the moment - I've concentrated on making
the API work first, then going back to refine the parser) seems perfectly
speedy.  One of my test documents is about 350K, 5000 lines, 8000 elements -
seems plenty fast enough.  My parsing is crude, if I make it more robust it
may get slower - but then I bet someone with more Rev knowledge than me
could optimise it anyway (I haven't used regex).

I think Rev/MC is a superb text manipulating engine. I think Director is a
lousy one.

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