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> The exercise project this is going into is what we call a "Thumbnail Image
> Scroller".  Wherein the user causes scrolling of a large image within a
> smaller window by grabbing and moving a red bordered rectangle with the
> mouse.  This rectangle (you guessed it, the target of this current thread)
> is itself showing and moving within a small image version of the much larger
> scrolling image.  This tool will allow for dynamic switching of the main and
> smaller image media and size the target rectangle graphic accordingly.
> Troy will recognize this from a very useful tool plugin available for
> iShell.
> My intent upon completion was not only to use it in my own projects but to
> offer it as a demo tool stack for the demonstration of advanced multimedia
> abilities.  After so much help I think that I can't renege on this!

Great idea!
I m waiting for it

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