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Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Thu Nov 29 01:44:01 EST 2001

It would seem with regular expressions and compiled scripts it could be
significantly faster than Director. I don't think director is a very good
string manimulator in general. At least the last time I looked, it was
pretty laborious, more so than HyperCard, SuperCard. Just my two cents.


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>On 20/11/01 10:19 am, Ben Rubinstein <benr_mc at cogapp.com> wrote:
>>>  I'd love to see some decent XML parsing capabilities built into Rev.
>>>  I can see many half-baked and time consuming DIY attempts otherwise.
>>  Yep - I'm just about to start a half-baked and time consuming DIY
>>  today!
>>  Is anyone else/has anyone else put much time into thinking about this?
>>  be interested in discussing what others think is a decent architecture
>>  syntax (or perhaps this belongs on the xtalks list?)
>It does, and improvements to make this easier would be an interesting
>to have over on that list.  (At present you can do this fine with the
>scripting language though.)

Fine?? I don't doubt you can do it but I do question whether a
generic scripted solution is workable. Some Director dude that is
more experienced than I (and I'm no neophyte) has written a fairly
robust xml parser in lingo but give it a file with a large number of
tags that is more that a few K in size to chew on and it really
chugs. Personally I think this is a job for an external -
unfortunately I have neither the time or capacity (in which case the
time is irrelevant) to write one.



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