[Use-revolution] Disappearing controller - QT 5 and RunRev 1.1 on Mac OS 9.2 or OS X

Jeff Hardin jdhardin at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Nov 29 00:34:01 EST 2001

Hi folks-

I'm new to this list, so forgive me if I ask questions about well 
trodden ground. Two questions:

(1) I'm using QuickTime 5, and trying to play a movie using a 
controller. Initially, the movie looks o.k., but then the controller 
disappers, its jog/shuttle controller stops moving even when the 
movie is playing, etc. This happens on RunRev for Mac OS 9 or OS X. 
Is the controller not really trhe standard QuickTime controller, or 
is there a problem with updating the controller? There doesn't appear 
to be a "movieidle" command as there is in SuperCard, for example, to 
give the movie controller processing time.

(2) Are there tutorials on using QuickTime with RunRev/Metacard?



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