[Use-revolution] Re: Mounting Windows servers

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Wed Nov 28 21:51:01 EST 2001

When you logon to the network drive, you can check boxes to make the system
remember your logon name & password and to re-connect automatically on boot.
However if the link is lost or not created on startup, I don't know how it
can be made again automatically.


> Go into network neighborhood, navigate to the drive you want shared,
> right-click and select MAP NETWORK DRIVE. Then give it a Drive Letter and
> now you can have a drive R:\ or Q:\
> You can optionally just double-click the volume in Network Neighborhood and
> navigate to the files you wish to see.
> If what you're asking is how to set up file sharing...that's a different
> subject.
> -Chipp
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> I have a client who needs to mount shared volumes from his local network on
> client machines.  We can do this with AppleScript for Mac, but how do we do
> this on Windows?
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