[Use-revolution] Re: Acrobat again

Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Wed Nov 28 14:16:01 EST 2001

On 25/11/01 10:20 am, Matt Denton <matt.denton at limelight.com.au> wrote:

> (had a crash, not sure if last msg got through)
> I'm trying to find out what version of Acrobat is installed on a Mac or
> PC.  QTime is pretty easy, but what about other apps?  Is there a way to
> find out what apps are installed and version number?
> Searched through the extensive list but couldn't find it.  Maybe it is
> buried somewhere...

You should be able to find the path to the current Acrobat installation
using the Registry on Windows.  There may be something stored in the
registry to indicate the version.  Not sure about the Mac, there may be a
way with AppleScript and the creator code (anyone?).  If you have the path
to the application you can use the getResource function on the Mac to find
out the version number.

> Many thanks,
> M at tt!
> PS Rev is one of those packages you just start loving more and more!
> Amazing power in Transcript...




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