[Use-revolution] Re: adding objects to groups (Rev bug)

Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Wed Nov 28 13:52:01 EST 2001

On 28/11/01 11:13 am, Ben Rubinstein <benr_mc at cogapp.com> wrote:

> Small implementation note, related to the second approach: this no doubt
> works fine if you ungroup, reselect, regroup.  However if used more loosely,
> or even if you weren't trying to use this feature at all, but just unselect
> a group one place, then go somewhere else and make a new group, it can upset
> Revolution more than somewhat, to the point of corrupting stacks.
> Recipe:
>   - launch Rev
>   - make a new mainstack
>   - add two buttons
>   - group them
>   - ungroup them
>   - make a new mainstack
>   - add three buttons
>   - attempt to group the first two
> Result: a group with the same id (1005) as the third button.  If you try to
> look at this stack in the App Overview, you'll get errors.  If you save this
> stack, quit Rev and relaunch+load, you'll find it is an interesting state.
> It appears to have only one button; 'the number of buttons' may return 2 or
> 4; the details of button 1 may be identical to button 2; etc.  You've
> certainly lost the first two buttons.  In principle I'd have thought this
> could result in genuine loss of work.
> So it looks like this is a handy feature (that details of the last removed
> group are remembered) which needs a small additional bit of error trapping,
> to not restore the old id (or perhaps not restore the old group info at all)
> if that id is already in use.


Thanks for the report.


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