[Use-revolution] Re: Constraining movement

Mark MacKenzie (Shaw) markmac at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 28 11:03:01 EST 2001

Someone wrote:

(for those of you still paying attention... ;-)

Ah, hem.

As the probable cause of this current thread I am very much paying
attention.  It also has obviously sparked some interest along with great
code thinking, debugging and simplification efforts.  Wow!  On this one I
can't contribute but learn and have been busy studying, and implementing the
various offered routines in my project and seeing what happened as a way of
further loosening the "training wheels".  Minor tinkering with the control
names, etc. was all that was required.  It works very well now.  There is
other functionality which I am attempting to layer on now.  I am not trying
to stifle further thought on this problem as this is the only way that
useful material is going to get into the mail archives for oncoming
"newbies" like myself.

I think this current thread is important as a basic tool for those involved
in intermediate through advanced multimedia.

The exercise project this is going into is what we call a "Thumbnail Image
Scroller".  Wherein the user causes scrolling of a large image within a
smaller window by grabbing and moving a red bordered rectangle with the
mouse.  This rectangle (you guessed it, the target of this current thread)
is itself showing and moving within a small image version of the much larger
scrolling image.  This tool will allow for dynamic switching of the main and
smaller image media and size the target rectangle graphic accordingly.

Troy will recognize this from a very useful tool plugin available for

My intent upon completion was not only to use it in my own projects but to
offer it as a demo tool stack for the demonstration of advanced multimedia
abilities.  After so much help I think that I can't renege on this!

Thank you very much one and all.



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