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Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Wed Nov 28 10:43:01 EST 2001

On 16/11/01 9:13 pm, Curry Kenworthy <curry at kagi.com> wrote:

> Well, I decided not to waste time; last night I took my computer to the
> shop. Now I've tried Rev with 160 MB and it's a whole 'nother creature!
> Starts fast, loads the dictionary fast, exits instantly. Great! (Before,
> with 32MB of physical RAM and virtual memory on 64MB, it took as much as two
> minutes for Rev to quit.)
> So, I'd say if anyone is having problems, better add RAM and not waste time
> dealing with the problems, since the memory upgrade price is pretty trivial.
> (CompUSA was very reasonable on the memory and the installation was free.) I
> think Rev definitely needs 48 or 64 MB of physical memory to avoid having
> problems. (It's only the development environment that takes the memory,
> though; standalones are quite small.)
> However, it still seems that Revolution, compared to the requirements of the
> engine, requires a bit more than would be expected. Especially, the
> Transcript dictionary has trouble loading on a computer with less memory,
> perhaps breaking it into more than one file would help since it's a pretty
> large stack. Choosing between new features and improvements or
> memory-friendliness, of course I'd prefer the company to spend their time
> adding the new features and improvements, and now I have the extra memory
> anyway.
> I just wanted to mention it as an FYI in case the company does want to
> consider it. Reaching out to more customers with the crossgrade offer, some
> may have, like me, equipment that they consider almost brand new but is long
> outdated by the standards of the cutting-edge developers and professionals.
> Hey, enough talk, I'm off to finally use Revolution running smoothly!

Thanks for the post.  The development environment *does* require quite a lot
of memory, though as you say that doesn't have to be the case for
standalones your produce.  We could look at improving it, but at present our
priorities must be elsewhere.  Having that memory available will greatly
improve your experience developing with Revolution, and should be the first
port of call if you are having any problems.  Again, this refers to
development, you have control over how much memory your distribution takes
depending on how you develop it).



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