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why do you need the mouseRelease handler? Just wondering.


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Recently, Mark MacKenzie (Shaw) wrote:

> I have a small graphic based group which upon "mousemove" etc. is grabbed
> the mouse cursor and moved.  It is placed (originally and I would like it
> stay here too!) within the borders an image which is some 3 times the area
> of the moveable graphic.  I have been unsuccessful in constraining the
> movement of the graphic group to within this image.

Here's another (simpler?) option that seems to work for me:

on mouseDown
  set the uAllowDrag of me to true
end mouseDown

on mouseMove
  if not the uAllowDrag of me then exit mouseMove
  set the loc of me to \
      min(max(the mouseH,left of img myImg + (width of me/2)),\
      right of img myImg - (width of me/2)),\
      min(max(the mouseV,top of img myImg + (height of me/2)),\
      bottom of img myImg - (height of me/2))
end mouseMove

on mouseUp
  set the uAllowDrag of me to false
end mouseUp

on mouseRelease
end mouseRelease



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