[Use-revolution] Re: ResetAll, Sockets, and the new FTP

andu undo at cloud9.net
Tue Nov 27 04:14:00 EST 2001

Troy Rollins wrote:
> In the transcript dictionary "ResetAll" claims to close sockets opened by
> the FTP function.
> Are there additional relationships held by the FTP and sockets functions?

Such as?

> Can one use the openSockets function to get information on the current open
> FTP functions?

OpenSockets() only returns the open sockets regardless of which protocol
opened them. If you need the status of a download or upload use
urlStatus() function.

> Does a failed FTP connection trigger a socketError?

Only if the failer is due to a socket error.

> Do socketTimeOut and socketTimeOutInterval apply to attempted FTP
> connections?

SocketTimeoutInterval is the amount of time you are willing to wait for
gaps in data transmition before you get a socketTimeout message. It
defaults to 50000 milliseconds but you can set it to any value you want.
A socketTimeout message doesn't mean a disconnect, just that nothing
came through the pipe in a while.

> Does the FTP function automatically close the socket it uses to make the

No, you can reuse a socket opened to the same server. Servers usually
time-out (close) an unused connection after a while (you get a dialog)
but the library has an internal timeout-disconnect mechanism which
closes the socket after 3 minutes of inactivity.

> transfer? If so, does it send any indication of this, or can you use the
> previously mentioned socket functions to develop monitoring routines for it?
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