[Use-revolution] Player Standalone auto-updates from Web

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Tue Nov 27 04:09:00 EST 2001

I've been thinking this could be a really cool thing...a single player
compiled for each platform which downloads from a web server your
application 'stacks'. So, you only have to build a single version of the
stacks and the player launches it from whatever platform it's on. It also
checks to see if a more current version is available of your stack and
updates if available.

So, I wrote one this evening and the source code with directions is
available at:


It already has been tested and works with one of my existing projects. But,
I haven't compiled it for the Mac yet (i don't have one available right
now). If someone does compile it for the Mac, please send me a list of any
problems you may find.

There are a couple of global variables you'll need to set. This isn't
finished, but should be along far enough for those of you who want to try

-Chipp Walters

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