[Use-revolution] Stackfiles Property

John Cuccio jcuccio at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 24 23:09:01 EST 2001

What i am trying to do. I have a splash stack, I think that is what it is
called, that will take the user to other stacks. If I put go to stack "stack
X" Rev does not go there because rev does not know anything about this
stack. So I think I need the stackfiles property. I do not want to load the
stacks into memory at this time because the user may not go to that stack. I
plan on having 16 different stacks.

After reading the help file about Stacksfiles Property. This is what I need.
But I do not know how to list multiple stacks. The help file only shows one
stack. If this property can only do one stack. How Can I tell rev about
multiple stacks or give rev a filepath to a stack ex: go to stack
"/hard disk/folder/X.rev".

Thank you

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