[Use-revolution] Button colors

Neil Phillips shrap at mail.geko.net.au
Sat Nov 24 08:14:01 EST 2001

Hi All,
I can't seem to get the colors to work properly for buttons in Revolution
1.1. The colors work properly in version 1.0. In 1.1 I can set the
foreground color ok but the other colors cannot be set by the Colors and
Patterns palette or by a script. I've tried it out on a blue and white G3
running System 9.04 and a G4 Cube running System 9.1. Both machines have
plenty of ram.

Field colors can be set ok.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

What works and what doesn't.

Foreground - ok
Background - no good
hilite - no good
top color - no good
shadow - no good
focus - no good



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