[Use-revolution] I Don't Understand Why This Is

Mark MacKenzie (Shaw) markmac at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 24 00:50:01 EST 2001

I am developing a tool stack which will eventually give me all the variables
in a multi-stack project.  It will read through the script text prior to the
global and local variables being initialized by their first handlers and
list the variables and perhaps allow commenting and if I feel good and lucky
perhaps the instances of their occurrences.

So I have a stack which puts the names of the main stack and substacks of
my project in a field  as in:

Field:  Open Stacks

BookCover            (This one is the mainstack)

Another button (Get Card IDs) gets the Card IDs and puts them into another
field (Card ID) using this script:

on mouseup
  local NumberOfOpenStacks
  put empty into NumberOfOpenStacks    <---  Redundant I know, put it in as
part of my error trapping
  put empty into field "Card ID"
  put the number of lines of field "Open Stacks" into NumberOfOpenStacks
  put the number of lines of field "Open Stacks" into message
  if NumberOfOpenStacks > 0 then
    repeat until NumberOfOpenStacks = 0
      put the cardIDs of stack (line NumberOfOpenStacks of field "Open
Stacks") & "," & (line NumberOfOpenStacks of field "Open Stacks") after
field "Card ID"
      if NumberOfOpenStacks > 1 then
        put return after field "Card ID"
      end if
      subtract 1 from NumberOfOpenStacks
      put NumberOfOpenStacks into message
    end repeat
  end if
end mouseup

Resulting in these results in:
 Field         Card ID

1002                                    <--- This should have a "," &
1002,Variable Tracker
1002                                    <--- This should have a "," &
1004                                    <--- This should have a "," &

As far as I can see when inspecting the stacks and the cards properties
there is nothing which would account for this discrepancy in reporting

Using Rev 1.1 on PC WinME

When I finish this exercise project it will be available for anyone who
wants it.

Regards Mark

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