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> >I'm looking at the window and the intersect function is in the
> >(Is that where you were looking for it, or were you checking somewhere
> >else?)
> Transcript Dictionary, under "intersect".  It describes intersect as
> it applies to arrays, but not to objects intersecting each other.
> intersect(objectA,objectB)
> Metacard's gives explanations for both the arrays and the objects.

Revolution does have the description of the intersect for objects.  Set you
dictionary to filter with a certain string, and then choose intersect
function, not the intersect keyword.

Scott Slaugh
> >
> >>I wish I had more control of overall Preference type stuff.  Like
> >>whether help windows open in front of other windows or you have to
> >>drag them out.  Like always colorizing scripts.
> >
> >I'm not completely sure what you mean by "help windows open in front of
> >other windows" - they shouldn't open behind other windows, certainly -
> >if you can describe more completely I may be able to put it on the
> >request list.
> >
> >There's an option to turn on automatic colorization in the Preferences
> >the Script Editor pane).
> This works if you manually type the script in, but I often work in a
> SimpleText file to update a script, and then paste it into the editor
> (this because of the many crashes I experienced, it guarantees my
> scripts will not get mangled, and I have a copy of them outside of
> Revolution to replace any that do get mangled.
> If you paste the script in, you must manually colorize it.
> As for windows hiding other windows, for example if I have the
> colorization window open, and then open a help window, it opens
> behind the colorization window.  Other windows obscure the help
> windows too.  They should always open in front of everything.
> >  >I wish there were a window with the active variables and their
> >
> >You can see a list of global variables and their contents in the message
> >box. (It's the fourth tab from the left.)
> Yes, but at the expense of having the message box available, which I
> use a lot.  If I understand it correctly, I cannot use both at the
> same time.
> >  >Once I created a menu (menubar type menu), now I have to click on the
> >>Toolbox or Application Overview to have the full set of development
> >>menus.  Otherwise, when I'm in the stack, the only menus up there are
> >>the ones I created.  I wish that weren't so.  Once I release it,
> >>obviously I want only my menus up there, but during development I
> >>want both sets of menus.
> >
> >Bit hard to do, since you'd need two sets of the "standard" menus (on Mac
> >OS, Apple menu, Help menu, File, and Edit at least would be duplicated).
> >I'm envisioning what you're asking for correctly...
> Hypercard did it.  It added on the menus you created, to the menubar
> after the "standard" menus.  So both were always available at the
> same time.  I never deleted the standard menus until saving the stack
> to a standalone in Hypercard.  I could work on the stack, with all
> the development menus available, and at the same time have the menus
> I added.
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