[Use-revolution] Re: Image resizing

Shari gogypsy at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 23 13:32:01 EST 2001

>  >One thing I'm curious about regarding images... in HC if I use
>>addcolor to create an image, it basically makes a COPY of the image
>>that's in the resource fork, so whatever I do to that image is not
>>I have an image that gets resized many times through handlers in Rev,
>>and I wonder if it's using a copy of the embedded image, or actually
>>resizing the image itself.  The image is embedded, and I simply used
>>the "show" command to make it visible.  Then manipulated it here and
>It's being scaled for display, not copied.
>Scaling images is not recommended as a general rule, especially where
>responsiveness is critical, because it does slow down display of images.
>But obviously there are situations where it's not practical to create
>separate images ahead of time in all the required sizes.

So eventually the image will become corrupted?  This image gets 
resized many times, from big to small and back again, in little 

I tried creating a button and using the image as an icon, and 
resizing the button instead of the image, but as the button got 
smaller, instead of the image getting smaller too, it just got 
cropped off at the edges.

The goal is:

There is an image
If the user does something the image gets a little bit smaller
This will happen many times, until the image is very small
On relaunching the program, the image starts out at the original 
(big) size again

Will this eventually corrupt the original image that is embedded, so 
that it no longer looks the same as when I embedded it?

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