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am 21.11.2001 23:54 Uhr schrieb use-revolution-errors at www.runrev.com unter
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> I downloaded the new Rev 1.1 from the web sit (classic). On my PPC Mac os
> 7.5.5 Rev 1.1 bomb the system with error type 11. This is the same system
> that I was running rev 1 on.
> The rev screen comes up then error screen comes up. Have to restart system.
> The only thing at this time is I do not have Quicktime 3 installed on that
> system. Does rev look for this.
> Rev 1.1 load fine on my Mac 9.1 system fine.

Hallo John,
7.x.x was the darkest time of the Mac OS systems, so the simplest way to
solve this problems is forget any OS 7.5.x and
Go at least to 8.1 (good, stable, low hw resource)
or 8.6 (like 8.1 but needs more hw resource)
(i have n´t worked with rev on any 8.x System, maybee anyone here has...)
or 9.x

Forget all the 7.x.x. bullshit, The stand alone should work on it (not
tested too) but developing will drive you crazy.

thats muy 2cent...

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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