[Use-revolution] Re: Features I like, and features I wish for

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at runrev.com
Thu Nov 22 13:06:05 EST 2001

At 2:15 PM -0800 11/18/2001, Shari wrote:
>It appears to support Metacard's "intersect" of two items, though
>it's not in the documentation.  Had I not used Metacard first, I
>wouldn't know about this feature.

I'm looking at the window and the intersect function is in the Dictionary.
(Is that where you were looking for it, or were you checking somewhere

>I wish I had more control of overall Preference type stuff.  Like
>whether help windows open in front of other windows or you have to
>drag them out.  Like always colorizing scripts.

I'm not completely sure what you mean by "help windows open in front of
other windows" - they shouldn't open behind other windows, certainly - but
if you can describe more completely I may be able to put it on the feature
request list.

There's an option to turn on automatic colorization in the Preferences (in
the Script Editor pane).

>I wish there were a window with the active variables and their contents.

You can see a list of global variables and their contents in the message
box. (It's the fourth tab from the left.)

>I wish I could create a totally blank card.  Without having to go
>through all sorts of hoops to do it.  I rarely use the same controls
>from card to card.  It would be easier to duplicate a card when you
>wanted to, but have the default to be a blank card.

To accomplish this, set the backgroundBehavior property on your groups to
false. (This is done by default for new groups created in 1.1 stacks - but
not for 1.0 groups, nor, if I remember correctly, for groups in imported HC
stacks. In other words, the default is the behavior you want, but you may
be seeing the opposite behavior - groups automatically placed on new cards
- because the stacks you're using originated in 1.0 or in HyperCard.)

>Once I created a menu (menubar type menu), now I have to click on the
>Toolbox or Application Overview to have the full set of development
>menus.  Otherwise, when I'm in the stack, the only menus up there are
>the ones I created.  I wish that weren't so.  Once I release it,
>obviously I want only my menus up there, but during development I
>want both sets of menus.

Bit hard to do, since you'd need two sets of the "standard" menus (on Mac
OS, Apple menu, Help menu, File, and Edit at least would be duplicated). If
I'm envisioning what you're asking for correctly...

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