[Use-revolution] Re: Revolution memory allocation Mac

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Thu Nov 22 13:06:03 EST 2001

Recently, Ian Bridges wrote:

> Installed RAM is a non issue with 300+ megs on board, so I can allocate
> plenty to Rev if needs be. I do find it curious tho, that no other app I use
> does this as far as I can tell - all of them give low memory or out of
> memory warnings when stressed (which is why I always allocate at least 10Mb
> more to the preferred size), so it looks like they don't use this mechanism,
> which does make me wonder why - is there a stability issue with doing this?

Outlook Express can use more RAM that what is numerically allocated, as well
as some 3D apps.  There are, in fact, several apps that exhibit this


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