[Use-revolution] location & button

John Cuccio jcuccio at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 22 13:06:01 EST 2001

In rev 1. I used this in a list field

on mouseup
click at the location of btn 1
end mouseup

I set btn 1 to an option menu. When I click a line in the field the menu
from the btn would come up next to the field and the mouse would have been
inside the menu ready for a selection. I thought this was odd because of the
way it was worded. But I liked it used it several places.

It must have been a bug in rev 1. because in rev 1.1 it does what it says
and clickes the btn and the menu comes up next to the btn.

I put the btn some where on the side, so this will not work for me.

Any help on how I can get the menu to pop up next to the field. I use this
btn for several fields. 

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