[Use-revolution] Re: Customize Rev for automatic email feedback?

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Wed Nov 21 18:47:14 EST 2001

> Maybe you should do something like this with a plug-in.

--How so?

> There's one drawback: once they get too familiar with RunRev, they'll hack
> the plug-in out of their app... food for thought.

--Unfortunately, not bloody likely.   I should be so lucky.  I've had a
look at 75 or so of the surveys they had to submit in order to be
eligible for the doorprize drawing.  They are future public school
teachers finishing their university credential.  Maybe 1 in 5 or 7
couldn't tell me what kind of computer they were using at home (from a
list of "macintosh", "PC", "Linux" and "other") but knew they used
Microsoft Word (and not much else).



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