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There *is* a "templateCard", but it only allows pre-setting the properties
of a card, not the objects *on* the card. The only time Rev should look like
it's copying the current card is when the current card contains groups. Rev
1.1 has a group property called "backgroundBehavior" that can be turned off.
If you turn off this property for all groups on the current card, the next
time you create a card it will be blank.

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> >You can use the "templateButton" and "templateField". Set the properties
> >these templates, and then the next time you create a new button or new
> >field, it will start with a copy of the template, complete with font
> >settings.
> Hey is there a templateCard so that I can create a new card that is
> BLANK?  I hate that it copies the current card when I create a new
> card.  My cards rarely have the same object and data on them.
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