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Mon Dec 31 15:56:01 EST 2001

Good idea for the corral. I'll get to it when I have a chance.

BTW, just finished my first pass at an XML parsed Tree List. It's pretty
cool and has the following features:

-Explorer like interface with userdefined + and - buttons
-Support for unlimited? nested tags (iterative code)
-Each tag can have one Attribute and associated value for defining a handler
or function and parameter when clicked on.

So a tag like <thistag put="hello world">Click Me for a message </thistag>
when clicked would do put "hello world"

-All encompassed using customProperties of a field + two images (the
buttons) + 1 hilite line grc.

-to use just "set the altXML of fld "ListXML" to myXMLstring

where altXML is a custom property of fld "ListXML" and
myXMLstring is your XML

also, there's a custom property called altHiliteLn which returns the hilited
list element number.

Need to add: Another tag attribute for creating custom icons for each XML
tag, so you can create your own hard drive icons, folder icons, etc for each

I hope to get this and an RunRev openSource website going up soon.


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In fact, wouldn't it be cool in the corral? Maybe it is and I don't know


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Happy new year's eve!

Do you have a plug-in version of CaptureJPG. I have an older one you
did, I think.


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