importing color graphics

Tony Kroch kroch at
Mon Dec 31 05:46:01 EST 2001

I am using Revolution to translate Hypercard stacks for a 
cross-platform environment. These stacks contain a large number of 
color images in PICT format stored in the stack resource fork.

In the tutorial on converting from Hypercard it is mentioned that 
GraphicConverter can scan the resource fork of a stack and extract 
the PICTs. I own GC but can't figure out how to get it to do this. If 
I try to "Open" the stack from within GC, I get a message that the 
image can't be displayed either because there is not enough memory or 
it can't be found. Increasing the amount of memory has no effect nor 
does removing all but one of the PICTs from the stack resource fork. 
Can anyone on the list help me?

In case it matters, I am running Mac OS 9.2.1 on a G4.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Tony Kroch
U. of Pennsylvania

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