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The windows icon should be a .ico file created from a 32 x 32 BMP with 16

You can use a utility like: bmp2icon.exe which can be found at: to build your icon.

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Hi all,

I have just made two distributions of a stack: a Windows version and a
Macintosh version.  I need a bit of extra information so I can understand
the process a bit better.

When I make a distribution that includes a data folder there doesn't seem to
be a way to point to the data folders contents using the distribution
builder.  So I made my distribution app then placed  the data folder with
its QT movies in the same folder as the application. The path information to
the data folder and its contents was included in the stack script. This
seems to work OK.

Is this the right method to use or is there something I am missing here?
Some more detail about this process in the documentation would really be

I would like to make some application icons for windows.  Since I am a Mac
person I know much about Win Icons.

What are their general dimensions?
What format should the be in?  BMP, GIF, JPEG?
Other general information I could use re win icons?

Thanks for your help.


Stephen R. Messimer
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