DefaultFolder. Should I use it?

Bruce Lewis bruce at
Sat Dec 15 08:28:01 EST 2001

I want to click on a link and show an image by reference to an external file.

I understand how to do this if I use the complete path to the image as the

I could do this in a relative way using the recent discussion on the

I don't like this solution because I often reorganize folders and then
would have to change the references.

In my old HyperCard stack, I just use the  name of the file and HyperCard
finds it. If HyperCard can't find the file, it gives a dialogue to select
it. Once selected, it can find the image later.

HyperCard records file paths on a card in the home stack. I assume it then
checks all of these until it finds the file. It seems pretty fast.

How would I replicate this in Revolution?
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