Sending a file to a server

Troy Rollins troy at
Thu Dec 13 21:17:00 EST 2001

Chipp Walters  wrote:

> I checked it out on a Mac and it works fine. In fact, I uploaded the Mac
> version to the same place:

Sounds great. I grabbed it from your site, but I'm still dubious that it
will solve the problem, since the ultimate command used is the same as what
have been working with. It could be that Rev handles the upload negotiation
slightly differently than some of the other tools I'm using that have not
suffered this difficulty in this application. In my network monitoring, Rev
successfully logs in, and then sits there, not uploading the file.

It is nice to have a known working stack to test against though. I probably
can't return to testing this function until Monday - but then you can be
sure I'll give this a whirl. If it works, it gives me a starting point - if
not... Drop back and punt, I guess - or wait to see if 1.1.1 brings any
change.  Thanks again.

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