Sending a file to a server

Troy Rollins troy at
Thu Dec 13 17:20:24 EST 2001

Kevin Miller  wrote:

>> Well, not much help, but I'm getting pretty much the same results on an FTP
>> server. The log in happens, but the file don't go.
> Let me know if this is still happening in 1.1.1 when we start beta testing
> that (soon).
> Kevin

At this point I think I've determined that 1.1 won't do it (at least not
through the "Put" functions.) I've tried every possible variety and
parameter modification with the same or worse results.

Incidentally, I used the same user/password/path combination in a simple FTP
client, as well as with iShell and received successful results the first

Looking forward to 1.1.1 - I really don't want to launch a separate app for
this function...

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