best way to read and write variables?

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You could do the same thing as you do in Authorware, but using a "do"
statement, as in:

-- Assume a comma- and return-delimited list of <variable>,<value> pairs
on mouseUp
  put url "file:c:\vars.txt" into varFile
  repeat for each line l in varFile
    do "put " & quote & (item 2 of l) & quote & " into " & (item 1 of l)
  end repeat
end mouseUp

I think most people haven't responded because they probably don't normally
keep variable data in external files. (Just a guess...)

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> Come on people.. give me a hand here. this must be a
> common task, no?
> - What is the simplest way to store variables outside
> of Rev?
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> What is the best way to write and read variables?
> When using Authorware there was a pretty convinient
> way to do it with property lists. Property lists
> looked something like this: "width":50, "height": 30
> then you could just write the list to a textfile, read
> it in and do a List(theText) and you had the list
> again. Anything similar (or even better) in Rev?
> thanks,
> /Niklas
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