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No, you're right... Arial is the default *system font* under Windows and
Geneva is the default *system font* on the Mac. However the original
question was what does Arial map to on the Macintosh in MetaCard. If you
create a blank field in MC/Mac, the font is set to Helvetica (or it is on
2.3 MC, which is the only MC I have handy right now). If a field with a font
set to Arial on Windows is moved to a Mac without Arial, I'm pretty sure it
maps it to Helvetica. I may be wrong; can anyone confirm?

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> Ken,
> I was under the impression that Arial was the default font used in Windows
> whereas Geneva was on the Mac.  Do I understand you correctly that this is
> not the case?
> Thanks,
> Judy
> On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Ken Ray wrote:
> > Judy,
> >
> > I believe Arial maps to Helvetica on a Mac that does not have Arial
> > installed (it gets installed if you install some of the Microsoft
> > on a Mac; I know that MS Office installs it).
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